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(PL) Marzenia

Dodano: 3.Jul.2019

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Dodano: 31.Jul.2018

The game “WINNICA” (“Vineyard”) is a training board game on the team management. Players take on the roles of vineyard managers. Their task is to achieve the best financial results and develop their teams. Employees and their development is the focal point of the game. The game promotes investment in the development of employees and […]


Dodano: 30.Jul.2018

MAGNETO is a training game on the development of negotiation skills with the focus on the negotiation preparatory phase. An interesting storyline allows to observe natural behavior in negotiation situations. Participants assume the roles of members of the six tribes of the Amazonian Jungle, where, due to the isolation of western civilization are still very […]


Dodano: 29.Jul.2018

GALIMATIAS (“Hodgepodge”) is a game that promotes cooperation within teams and between teams. The game encourages open and precise communication. It underlines the importance of goal setting for the entire organization and not just the individual teams. The game perfectly illustrates the effectiveness of communication and modes of action adopted in an organization or team. […]


Dodano: 28.Jul.2018

The game is played in teams. The game’s story is related to the deadly threat approaching Earth. Earth could be saved by a squadron of elite pilots. Players take on the roles of employees producing aircraft armament companies to become part of the squadron. The game is so designed to show the typical problems of […]


Dodano: 28.Jul.2018

The game “Detective” is a training tool for developing time management skills. Players, working in small groups, reflect on division of tasks for urgent vs.  non-urgent and important vs. unimportant. Then decide which tasks should be completed in the near future. Addictive, humorous storyline invokes the involvement of people of different ages and in different […]


Dodano: 27.Jul.2018

ZEGARMISTRZ (“ClockMaster”) is a training game for supporting the development of time management skills, change management and team work. Participants must agree priorities for the whole week and then respond appropriately to emerging random events, and new tasks. Participants work in three teams. Each team has the same set of tasks to be scheduled. This […]


Dodano: 26.Jul.2018

The aim of the game is to build a self-supporting bridge by the participants using only 18 pieces of wood. Initially, the players have time to freely experiment with the supplied elements. Depending on the involvement of groups of about 5 to 10 minutes trainer gradually introduces hints until teams discover a way to create […]

(PL) Projektor

Dodano: 25.Jul.2018

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

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