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  • Players
    3 - 24

    (1 - 3 groups of 3 to 8 persons)

  • Duration
    120 minutes
  • Price

    Individual License:

    3.290 zł net

    Corporate License:

    4.890 zł net

  • Język

The game is played in teams. The game’s story is related to the deadly threat approaching Earth. Earth could be saved by a squadron of elite pilots. Players take on the roles of employees producing aircraft armament companies to become part of the squadron. The game is so designed to show the typical problems of the process and at the same time demonstrate a simple method of systematic improvement. It is also a great introduction to LEAN methodology / Six Sigma.

Training objectives

The game allows the development of the following skills:

  • Process management – identifying the links between the activities carried out in the organization and the customer’s requirements in all stages of the process;
  • Team work – cooperation within the team, team roles, setting and achieving common objectives;
  • Change management – adequate response to emerging tasks and random events, the introduction of the necessary adjustments in the action plan

Game application

  • Exercise during process optimisation, team work, change management trainings;
  • Workshops;
  • Team meetings;
  • Integration trip;
  • Assessment/ Development Center.

Participants profile

The game is intended for people who normally manage or participate in key business processes. It is a valuable experience for both managers and line staff.

Participants quotations

“Seemingly simple task practice blocks, and showed that there is always room for improvement.”

“Tomorrow I go to work and start to optimize the process. So far only complained that something is not working. Now I want to change that.”

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