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Training games are a great complement to team meetings, conference, integration trips. Thanks to games you can strengthen desirable behavior in the organization.

For example, during the annual meeting of employees of the whole company you can play a game where teamwork is the key, and then during the presentation of the results for the last year managerial staff emphasizes that it is precisely thanks to the excellent teamwork managed to get the business results. Communication objectives of the company will be more understandable for workers if they have the opportunity to take part in the game where the ability to set and attain goals decide who wins. In this way employees better understand and remember what is crucial for the successful implementation of the company’s strategy in the coming year.


We have experience in conducting games for large groups of 30-100 persons. In this case, our trainers accompany participants from the introduction of the rules by carrying the game to discuss their experiences and draw business oriented conclusions.

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