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How can I purchase the training game offered by Akadamia Gier ??
The easiest way is to fill out the contact form, contact us via e-mail biuro@akademiagier.com or phone at number 667 990 602.
How soon will I receive training game since the order?
In the case of our off-the-shelf training games, time to delivery is no longer than two weeks. In the case of training games produced on request, the delivery time is determined individually.
Can I try / test the game before buying?
Of course, always before deciding to purchase a training game, we recommend checking the game in practice. This is possible either by organizing a session presenting a dedicated training game to your company or by taking part in the Academy Days, which are regularly organized in the major Polish cities. For the nearest open day, check the Academy Days page.
Is it possible to organize a game-based training without having to purchase the training game from Akademia Gier?
Training games are a modern and effective training tool. We also offer trainings on the given theme with the use of one of our games. The training is conducted by our partner experienced trainers. There is also the possibility of renting the game to support the training. We encourage you to contact us for further details.
Is it possible to customize the training game to the specifics of my company?
There are two ways to adjust the game to the specifics of a particular company. The first way is to use the possibility of creating a custom game. The second way is to adapt one of our games that are offered on a permanent basis by adding visual characteristic of the company (eg, logos, product names), the content descriptions, storyline and other items, according to the company’s expectations.
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