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  • Players
    6 - 30

    (6 groups of 1 to 5 persons):

  • Duration
    90 minutes
  • Price

    Licencja indywidualna:

    2.190 zł net

    Licencja firmowa:

    3.190 zł net

  • Język

MAGNETO is a training game on the development of negotiation skills with the focus on the negotiation preparatory phase. An interesting storyline allows to observe natural behavior in negotiation situations. Participants assume the roles of members of the six tribes of the Amazonian Jungle, where, due to the isolation of western civilization are still very rare natural resources of the magnetic properties. Each of the tribes have access to other types and quantities of raw materials. Progressive deforestation forces them to sell raw materials to a distant market place in order to purchase food.

Tribes are free to trade resources and information to maximize the value of their assets and get the highest price in the marketplace.

Training objectives

The game allows the development of the following skills:

  • Negotiations– preparation for negotiations to determine the starting position (WATNA), select the negotiation strategy, the use of negotiation techniques;
  • Strategic planning – determine the strategy and its implementation with incomplete information on market and competition;
  • Teamwork – cooperation within the team, team roles, setting and achieving common objective;
  • Dealing with ambiguity

Game application

  • Exercise introducing or summarizing the negotiation training, communication, teamwork, business analysis, process management, leadership, strategic planning;
  • Introduction to workshops, team meetings;
  • Training need analysis;
  • Development/ Assessment Center.

Participants profile

The game is designed for employees of various organizations. The rules are easy to understand, so the game can also be used for lower-level employees and individuals. At the same time the mechanism is attractive to managers because of the negotiations with the five other teams and the need to maximise the value of raw materials and their combinations.

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