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  • Players
    3 - 18

    (3 - 3 groups

    of 1 to 6 persons))

  • Duration
    45 - 60 minut
  • Price

    Individual License:

    1.690 zł net

    Corporate License:

    2.690 zł net

  • Język

The game “Detective” is a training tool for developing time management skills. Players, working in small groups, reflect on division of tasks for urgent vs.  non-urgent and important vs. unimportant. Then decide which tasks should be completed in the near future. Addictive, humorous storyline invokes the involvement of people of different ages and in different positions. Participants may feel like a classic crime detectives. The choice of tasks seem simple, but very easy to fall into the trap of the urgency of the non-essential, forgetting about what really matters. Planning is the main goal of the game, but especially inquisitive participants able to guess who is behind the mysterious theft …

Training objectives

The game allows the development of the following skills:

Time management including recognising urgent and important tasks – determining the relevance of the tasks in terms of their consistency with the values ​​and objectives;

Setting priorities – effectively organize tasks according to their importance and urgency;

Work – life balance;

Teamwork – joint decision-making, negotiation.

Game application

  • Introducing or summarizing exercise for the time management training – ideal for first, the theoretical introduction, the exercise of prioritization – induces relaxation of involvement and participants; it is a great introduction before the tasks associated closely with the work of learners;
  • As a separate training module associated with setting priorities – during team meetings, integration activities with students, high school homework, etc.;
  • Development / Assessment Center.

Participants profile

The game is designed for employees of various levels who want to develop time management skills.

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