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  • Players
    3 - 18

    (3 groups

    of 1 to 6 persons)

  • Duration
    120 minutes
  • Price

    Individual License:

    3.900 zł net

    Corporate License:

    5.490 zł net

  • Język

ZEGARMISTRZ (“ClockMaster”) is a training game for supporting the development of time management skills, change management and team work. Participants must agree priorities for the whole week and then respond appropriately to emerging random events, and new tasks.

Participants work in three teams. Each team has the same set of tasks to be scheduled. This team will win, who will score the most points.

Training objectives

The game allows the development of the following skills:

  • Self efficiency/ Time management – priority setting and task scheduling;
  • Change management – adequate response to emerging tasks and random events, the introduction of the necessary adjustments in the action plan;
  • Teamwork – establishing rules for cooperation within the group, respect the division of roles, cooperation in setting priorities and planning tasks within the team and with other teams;
  • Negotiations– prioritization of tasks with other teams.

Game application

  • Exercise during the introductory or summary of time management training and personal effectiveness;
  • Introduction to the workshops, team meetings aimed at identifying the main problems in the daily work of the team;
  • Training needs analysis in the field of personal effectiveness;
  • Development/ Assessment Center.

Participants profile

The game is designed for employees at various levels, because it shows the universal principles and challenges related to the planning of office tasks.

Participants quotations

„After this experience, I have found that planning and prioritizing tasks makes sense.”

“Joint discussion about the priorities of tasks showed how differently we perceive what is urgent and important.”

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